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Broadband speed

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Broadband speed

I have recently moved to Plusnet and am supposed to get 30-41Mbps. I have just done a speed test and it comes out at 21.6. Generally this is OK but we are trying to watch movies on Amazon and it's buffering all the time. Apple TV is OK, anyone got any idea why this is happening and is the difference in speed acceptable?

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Re: Broadband speed

Hi and welcome to the forums,


I've done some testing and your line is syncing at 25.4Mbps which is just within the estimate based on the dsl status check ( However, we may be able to increase the speeds either with local changes, or with an engineer. Can you confirm if you've made any change such as trying the router directly into the master socket?

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Re: Broadband speed


A warm welcome to the forums.  At 21mbps (regardless of what it is thought the top speed should be) that is not likely to be the cause of the issues you report.  5mbps is more than adequate for decent streaming.

When the problem occurs, what else is happening in the house hold?  Are there multiple devices trying to stream at the same time?  Is someone else playing on-line games?  IS the device which encounters the problem connected via Ethernet (a cable) or over WIFI?

If WIFI do you encounter issues with anything else?

Are you using the Plusnet Hub one router?

Does the device which exhibits the problem have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WIFI capability?

It might be beneficial to set the router to use a specific WIFI channel - choose 1, 6 or 11 - this explains why - you do not NEED the diagnostic tool - V3 is available for free if you wish to look in detail.

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