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Broadband speed well below Minimum Guaranteed Speed

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Registered: ‎03-04-2020

Broadband speed well below Minimum Guaranteed Speed


For the last few days I have been getting speeds well below the Minimum Guaranteed Speed. My Minimum Guaranteed Speed is 2.9Mbps, but I am getting around 1Mbps. This means I cannot do my work from home and nor can my kids access their school work. Games and movies are definitely not possible at these speeds.

I realise the situation we are in, and that the cause is probably just contention, but without a usable speed the line is useless to me. 

I guess my main question is, how the hell can I report this and get the line checked? (I mean even if there's not a fault, surely some kind of QoS can be implemented to ensure no-one suffers because of over provision).