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Broadband speed issue.

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Broadband speed issue.

Hi I wonder if some one can please assist?


I have noticed that my line speed has decreased over the last two days from my usual speed of 74mb down to 35mb. I have ran a bt wholesale line speed check and it does say the maximum speed witnessed is now around 41mb when previously it was 80d and 20u. I have checked my line speed via my plusnet account details and it is set at 80d etc and so I am wondering why my speed is impacted?

My router was reset this morning with no immediate speed change, therefore as my line speed on my plusnet account is set to 80mb and BT wholesale checker states 41 with my download speed direct from the router approximately 38mb I was wondering if thee is a fault from my cabinet to my property, can some one from plusnet please advise?




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Re: Broadband speed issue.

@mszune Staff response can be a little slow, so:


It sounds very much like you have a problem - most likely not in your home/office environment, but more likely in the BT/OR network.

First thing to check: Is your phoneline clear? Dial 17070 (preferably from a corded phone), select option 2. Once your phone number is confirmed, there should be silence on the line except for the regular 'Quiet Line Test' message - any other noise, report a PHONE problem via:

If the phone test passes, report a broadband problem via:

Let us know the result - if the tests come back as clear but you still have a problem, we need to investigate further.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband speed issue.

@mszune I can see this has been raised, Do you need anything else at the moment?

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 Plusnet Help Team