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Broadband speed has dropped to zero

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Broadband speed has dropped to zero

Good evening


Our broadband speed has suddenly dropped from 23Mbs to 0.1 Mbs.  We are on an ADSL line that has been dropping several times a day since we switched over to Plusnet.  Our usual connection speed was around 17Mbs from our previous provider with no dropouts over the 18-month contract.  We also have a nurse call system that keeps telling us that the line has disconnected constantly throughout the day.

Below are our router stats

  Upstream Downstream

Current Rate (kbps)271328809
Max Rate (kbps)271736999
SNR Margin (dB)62
Line Attenuation (dB)6.324.4
Errors (pkts)0263



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Re: Broadband speed has dropped to zero

@Maxfine72 welcome to the forums. The (abridged) data you provide there actually suggests you are on FTTC, not ADSL, as ADSL does not support that kind of speed, but the downstream SNR value points to a problem.

Can you post the full page you got that data from, but delete any personally identifiable information, please?

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Re: Broadband speed has dropped to zero

As Jab1 stated, your downstream SNR is rather low at 2. Have you tried reporting your issue as a fault.