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Broadband speed drop

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Broadband speed drop


If this is the wrong place to post this can someone point to the right place please.

I have been with Plusnet for several years now over which time my broadband download speed has dropped from the original 20mbps to the current 16mbps.
I have had 6? visits from Openreach this year (some have been for no service) and after each visit the speed increases to around 24mbps then over the next month drops to 15+mbps. while this is just above the minimum of 15mbps there is clearly something wrong with the supply. My neighbour has a consistent speed of between 22 and 23mbps (80M away). He checked his speed for me yesterday at 22.3mbps. Surely it is not possible to lose over 6mbps over 80M without a fault on the line.

Around a month ago a Plusnet engineer ([CSA Removed]) telephoned to say he could see the drop, he would get the cap removed, which he did, and keep a check on it, since which I have heard nothing.

Can someone have another look at this please.



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Re: Broadband speed drop

Thanks for your post @mickatmian 

I'm sorry for the speed issues. From what I can see the estimates of your line are between 22.4mbps to 35mbps so you should be able to see higher. I've re-added your line details again onto the DLM reset tracker for a reset. If you don't see an increase within the next 3 working days we'd likely need to arrange another engineer visit to investigate further.

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