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Broadband slow all evening

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Broadband slow all evening

I raised a call (95324566) on 27th November to complain that my broadband speed dies every evening at 5 o'clock and comes back around midnight. This happens every day and between those times it is so slow it is totally unusable.
Contrary to the stated aims of replying within 48 hours, I have not had a response from Plusnet. It is clearly something Plusnet must be aware of, but they do not acknowledge that there is a problem.
Having had good service for several years from Plusnet, I am very disappointed in their lack of response.
I did all the recommended tests at my end: rebooting router, changing microfilter, plugging into test socket, before I realised that the speed was always good in the morning and then dropped catastrophically at some time in the afternoon. Yesterday I was able to pinpoint the problem starting at 17:00. Using the BTW tester, the speed before 17:00 was 17.27Mbps and after 17:00 it fell to 0.13Mbps.
Clearly something on the network is having this effect, but what is it?
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Re: Broadband slow all evening

I see that one of my colleagues has resolved this problem for you now. Please let us know if you have any other queries we can help with.
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 Chris Parr
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