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Broadband regulary drops out

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Registered: ‎19-08-2020

Broadband regulary drops out

I have a wired broadband/phone connection at my property in CO16 (rural St Osyth) which I use to monitor a Reolink 4 security system which connects to a Reolink Network Video Recorder (NVR). This recorder connects via cable to my Plusnet supplied router, which permits me to receive alarms on my mobile and record incidents on hard drive. I am currently working abroad and being able to monitor my property is essential.

This last month the broadband connection drops out for 2-4 days and then automatically reconnects again for a maximum of two weeks, then the dropout repeats.

The phone connection is clean and quiet and still works when the broadband doesn't. The system was working before and after and all through the storms.  The system failed and yesterday my son when to the property reset the router, checked the phone line and removed a Surge Protector I had in the system,  which was consider as a potential source of problems. He also checked all of the connections and the system reconnected. Last night the system when down again but came back on a hour ago. Any thoughts please.