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Broadband light flashing but no Internet light

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Broadband light flashing but no Internet light

It's been a couple of days now but our Internet light hasn't been on since Friday night.

We have a Sagecom Plusnet router model 2704N and an ADSL microfilter and everything goes into the master socket. I've taken everything apart, followed the online help and researched on the forum but despite our usual tricks of resetting and giving it a kick start it's just not coming back. I've googled outages in our area and nothing so I'm at a complete loss and with no connection at all! Try explaining this to my 3 year old who can't watch her programmes on a Saturday morning!

The microfilter is pretty new and BT were out just last year to fit a brand new line so I don't know where to go from here, please help!
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Re: Broadband light flashing but no Internet light

If I recall correctly the broadband light should be constantly on, if its flashing it means its trying to establish a connection. If this is happening over and over again then it is likely that it can't detect a broadband signal on the phone line.


Things to try:


1) Try a different Micro Filter

2) If you have a modern master socket where the bottom half of the faceplate unscrews or unclips, remove it. This will disconnect any extension wiring and expose the test socket. Plug the router into the test socket and see if you get a connection. If you get a connection in the test socket, but not with the faceplate in place, then its likely a wiring issue with your extension.

3) If you have a landline phone, check for a dial tone. If you have no dialtone then there may be a break in your phone line somewhere.

4) If you get a dialtone, perform a quiet line test dial 17070  and select option 2. Listen for any pops or crackles on the line which may indicate a fault on the line.

5) Call Plusnet support and advise them of the outcome of tests 3 & 4 and log a fault.

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Re: Broadband light flashing but no Internet light


Hi @Ox44Peony

I'm sorry to hear you've experienced problems with your connection. 

Line tests are showing a potential fault at the exchange so I've reported this through to our suppliers now for further investigation.

That said it looks like your connection has return this morning:

Hopefully it stays that way! Let us know if you experience any further issues.

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