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Broadband frequent disconnect and Openreach

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Broadband frequent disconnect and Openreach

Hi there,

I have a fault where my router disconnects regularly. This morning about every 5-10 mins. Phone line is also noticeably crackly. Spoke to plusnet early weds am and ran through several tests with them (they were very helpful, in their words it had been unusable the last three days). It’s now escalated to Openreach

Since then I’ve had to chase plusnet, with the latest info being “open reach need to run some tests, which takes 3-5 days”. We may have an update Monday.

Is this normal. Does it take 3-5 days to run some remote diagnostics? I’m not clear where I am in the process or what will happen next.

I’d greatly appreciate any help or comments to help get things resolved. Internet pretty much unusable, and also rely on it to use my mobile phone

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Broadband frequent disconnect and Openreach

I've had problems since July and seem to be going round in circles, though until now techs have been very good at contacting me. I have had tests run(very quickly) and been told that the problem is not likely to be my modem and the last resort is an engineer visit. However, on here, now, a tech has suggested trying another modem(not something one tends to have lots of), so do I need to buy one of those now, having changed a filter, developed a fault, been advised to buy brand new filters only to find the new problem , but not the outages and poor speeds) meaning my original filter was not at fault. Ecah tech who contacts me (They change regularly) has found that settings are wrong,yet they were done my other colleagues (about 4 of them ) sowhich one is correct ?

Today my next bill was published and that is wrong, too. I recontracted on 6th October but my billing date and expiry of my prepaid line rental is later in the month. They have split the bill at 6th,charging me equal amounts for both parts,but giving no discount on the part month still under the £9.99/month discount deal.

I am due to look round this weekend for deals and am very likely to go back to Sky where I had no trouble and my sister has just had a brilliant retention deal (She was coming to PlusNet) of£17.99/month for line, ADSL and anytime calls, as well as having a 12 month contract without being charged £2/ month more as PlusNet are doing.

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Re: Broadband frequent disconnect and Openreach

Hi James. 

Sorry for the lack of updates regarding the fault and that you're experiencing connection problems.

From what I can see an engineer went out on Friday and couldn't find the cause of the issue.

I've therefore reported the fault back to our suppliers for further investigation and another engineer should be allocated to investigate further.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Let us know if you need us to chase this up next week.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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