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Broadband download speed 1.7mbps

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Broadband download speed 1.7mbps

For last couple days I’ve been struggling with really slow connection. This morning it seems to be giving up altogether so have reverted to tethering for mobile phone data. Tried the Which speed tester and says 1.7mbps. I’ve tried everything obvious and gone through all the troubleshooter guides but nothing has worked.

Just checked and on my account it says Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 3.8Mbps
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Broadband download speed 1.7mbps

Hi @lucy5, sorry to hear you're having broadband issues.

Together with our network partners at Openreach we are prioritising customers who don’t have a phone line or broadband connection, meaning there might be a delay in Speed Faults being fixed. In the meantime, please raise your speed fault online here

Thank you for your patience.

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