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Broadband disconnecting every few minutes

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Broadband disconnecting every few minutes



I've been having issues with the broadband for a few days now.


It keeps disconnecting randomly sometimes every few minutes, sometimes every few hours.


This is making my 'work from home' circumstance nearly impossible.


I tried calling but as everyone here knows, never got through, after holding for several hours.


It's definitely not a problem with my device as they all disconnect at the same time. I also dont think it's a problem with router as i tried replacing them and also playing around with its settings.


Maybe it is just my address. There has been construction going on outside.


Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


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Re: Broadband disconnecting every few minutes

@catevary  Welcome to the forums.

Have you done the standard fault checks/tests. 

Once you have done all that and if still an issue log a fault :  or