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Broadband connection but no internet

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Broadband connection but no internet

Hi, my internet connection has been dropping in the evenings for over a week now. Tonight i decided to try and do something about it so started by trying to log into my account. Unfortunately i'd forgotten my password so had to reset it. Since then i have been unable to connect to the internet with any of my devices. My box is showing a green light beside internet and when i log on using IP address it shows it's connected but anytime i try connecting to internet it fails. I have tried factory reset and every other suggestion i can find to no avail. Can anyone help please, i'm at my wits end and have been trying to get through on phoneline all evening. Thank you.
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Re: Broadband connection but no internet

Welcome to the forum.

You need the password updating in your router. When you use the factory reset by pushing a paperclip or similar into the reset hole you need to hold the switch closed for at least 25 seconds. I suggest that you try again. If that fails you can set it yourself by logging into the router and going to the advanced settings. The actual detail on where to find the correct page is router specific so if you get stuck with that then advise which router you have on here. If that doesn't work my guess would be that the password you are entering doesn't exactly match that which you set and I'm afraid that you'll have to contact Plusnet.

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Re: Broadband connection but no internet

Hi @loubylou11


Sorry to hear you are having connection issues since this has happened. 


@Baldrick1 is correct in what he says.


If you are still having issues then take a look here for assistance and info on how to do this. 


Let us know how you get on.