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Broadband Usage - Confused

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Broadband Usage - Confused

My usage was reset on the 6th March, as it should be.
Today 7 March at 0927 I recieved 2 emails regarding my broadband usage.  The first advised me that I had gone over 4GB of usage and as a result an extra 2GB would be added and charged.
The second email (received at the same time) then advised me that I had gone over the 6GB mark and an an extra 2GB would again be added.

Why am I receiving emails regarding my usage 2 days after it has been reset?

Furthermore despite my paid for usage being 2GB is it now saying it is 8GB!
I have only used 59.84MB so am I paying for going over my usage in advance?

I did go over last month but it appears something is afoot!! 

Any advice would be gratefully received.
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Re: Broadband Usage - Confused

Hi there,
Apologies for this, this is a problem we are aware of and are working on at present. You can see the progress of the problem here.
We turned off the automated emails early this afternoon so you shouldn't get any more of these.