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Broadband Speed

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Registered: ‎21-10-2018

Broadband Speed

Hi Plusnet, I have looked at your trouble shooting guide online but still cannot resolve my issue.

Over the last few days I have had periods of very slow broadband which have been getting progressively worse. To the point where today it is almost unusable. I am having problems even running the speed checker as it keeps failing with "Latency Test Errors". When I did manage to run it I get a download speed of 0.2Mbps and an upload speed of 0.1Mbps.

I cannot try another router as I do not have access to one and don't know what else to try. Any help gratefully received.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband Speed

Hi there,


I'm sorry that you've been experiencing poor speeds and for any inconvenience that this is causing you. Thank you through running through the troubleshooting guide.


I've tested your line and the test is indicating that there are a high number of performance errors on your line, but it hasn't picked up any network issues. For reference, today's test result is as follows:


xDSL Status Check
Telephone NO.: NA Test Executed On: 22-10-2018 12:03:49
xDSL Status Test Summary
Sync Status: Circuit In Sync
General Information
NTE Status:   NTE Power Status: Unknown Bypass Status:  
  Upstream DSL Link Information Downstream DSL Link Information
Loop Loss: 28.5 51.0
SNR Margin: 9.8 6.0
Errored Seconds: 0 135
HEC Errors: 0  
Cell Count: 46368 227638
Speed: 992 3552
Maximum Stable Rate (KBPS): 7968 Fault Threshold Rate (KBPS): 6374
Mean Time Between Retrains (Seconds): 86400 Mean Time Between Errors Upstream (Seconds): 2009
Indicative Line Quality: R Mean Time Between Errors Downstream (Seconds): 1
Custom Thresholds


As the test hasn't picked up any network issues, I'd recommend trying a different router as the next step. I've had a look into your options for a replacement router - as this is account specific information I've added this to the fault ticket which you can view here.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team