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Broadband Speed : Turgis Green Cabinet 15

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Broadband Speed : Turgis Green Cabinet 15

Hi all,
We're due to move to a development currently served by the Turgis Green exchange Cabinet PCP15. Apparently fibre rollout has been delayed by a couple of years now and the Openreach site is not helpful at all. More worryingly though, the site says that I can only expect speeds of about 0.75Mbps. Is this true?? Is there any way to get a better idea of what kind of ADSL speeds I might be able to get till fibre gets to the neighbourhood? Or will I have to go ask a neighbour or something?
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Re: Broadband Speed : Turgis Green Cabinet 15

The estimates on our site come directly from the BTWholesale checker:
Asking people in the area is a good bet, especially on a new build,
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