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Broadband Ping With Interleaving

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Broadband Ping With Interleaving



I've recently switched to John Lewis Broadband which is a supplied by Plusnet. On the first few days of our connection we had a ping of 20, a download speed of 2 - which I believe to have been capped for testing as there was originally a fault, and an upload of 0.5.


Now our line has become uncapped giving us the original download speed of 5 however the ping has gone up to 40/50 and upload speed down to 0.2. 


I've been reading up about the interleaving configuration which sounds like it's now been switched on. Ping is a large factor in my internet usage and was really sad to see it go back up to 40! If I where to have the interleaving setting turned off how would it affect my download speed? For some reason the upload got slower?! Is it possible to request for it to be turned off? 




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Re: Broadband Ping With Interleaving

Hi Jake,

I would normally say a warm welcome to the forums ... however Plusnet staff do not off support for JLP customers via this channel ... and this issue needs support staff assistance.

I suggest that you try the official JLP support channel.