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Broadband Password Issues

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Broadband Password Issues

Hope someone can help me on this one. 

I have brought my work PC to my home as lockdown continues and since my kids are now back at school they both need laptops for classes.

Have connected my computer via ethernet cable into the router ( I have the 2704N router) and the computer sees the router but when I go to make the broadband connection using my account and the password, which I have is the same as the members login password,  it doesn't connect and get error 651, the old faithful error  

I have reset my members login password but no luck connecting via the PC, sadly the PC doesnt have wifi card otherwise I would try that. the PC running windows 7 and have updated the network card software to latest version 

Anyone have any pointers as getting annoying working from my phone and kids laptops when they arent on them!!



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Re: Broadband Password Issues

It sounds like your work PC is configured to connect to the Internet using PPPoE instead of using the routing information supplied by your 2704N router's DHCP. If you don't know how to change it, you can use Windows Internet connection wizard and follow the instructions (make sure you don't choose the option that requires you to put in username and password).