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Broadband / Line Fault

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Broadband / Line Fault

This is taking a while to progress though the ticket system, so I'll see if anyone here has any suggestions.
Background: ~250m from the exchange (straight line distance) Could sync at 8128/832 with interleaving off with very few errors of any type (~2 per hour)
14th May - Router (DSL-2640B) keeps disconnecting from the internet, approximately every 2 hours. Each time needs a reboot to reconnect.
Router log shows (this was taken a few days later, but was the same)
May 16 21:53:58 daemon notice pppd[533]: PPP: Start to connect ...
May 16 21:54:00 daemon crit pppd[533]: PPP LCP UP.
May 16 21:54:06 daemon notice pppd[533]: PPP: Start to connect ...
May 16 21:54:07 daemon crit pppd[533]: PPP LCP UP.
This repeats indefinately, with a few DNS query failed messages at random intervals
15th May: Fault reported to PlusNet. Tested in the master/test socket, router continues to disconnect
17th May: Alternative router (2wire 2700HGV) tested. Connection holds with high error count. Interleaving is turned on shortly after. Home hub displays similar results
Line test comes back as "FAULT - Battery Contact "
19th May: BT engineer comes round, says that the phone is faulty, replacing this should fix the fault
PlusNet line test comes back as "PASS"
However, in the 5hours since the engineer visit, the DSL-2640B has disconnected and required a reboot 5 times.
The 2700HGV holds the connection at 7616/832, but with a large number of errors:
Link Retrains:  2  2  0  0:12:46
DSL Training Errors:  0  0  0  0:00:00
Training Timeouts:  0  0  0  0:00:00
Loss of Framing Failures:  5  5  0  0:12:47
Loss of Signal Failures:  3  3  0  0:12:47
Loss of Power Failures:  0  0  0  0:00:00
Loss of Margin Failures:  3  3  0  0:12:47
Cumulative Seconds w/Errors:  8  8  0  0:12:47
Cumulative Sec. w/Severe Errors:  5  5  0  0:12:47
Corrected Blocks:  228  228  1  0:06:11
Uncorrectable Blocks:  207  207  0  0:12:47
DSL Unavailable Seconds:  133  133  0  0:12:28
Any ideas?
Posts: 24
Registered: ‎03-05-2008

Re: Broadband / Line Fault

Help desk are saying that I need to wait for 72 hours to see if the sync speeds increase.
Can someone take a look at these line stats, see if this is likely or if there is still a fault. The high error counts compared with prior to this fault concern me, expecially the number of link retrains