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Broadband Fault No Support From Plusnet

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Broadband Fault No Support From Plusnet

Hi all

This is more being posted because we (my elderly parents) are at a loss regarding how to get Plusnet to respond to a line / broadband fault


We have tried -

1. Phoning - Just keep getting cut off with a message saying the line is to busy

2. Recording a fault online - Plusnet have failed to make contact using the mobile number supplied

3. Spoke to someone via chat who promised to escalate the problem, but again no contact from Plusnet

This is very poor and I am surprised at the lack of response from Plusnet

My parents are elderly and housebound and my mother in particular relies on the internet to contact everyone

We have done the usual tests, changed the filters, plugged router into the main socket etc

This has now been going on for a week!! Come on Plusnet, get your act together and make contact

Is there any other way other than the three already tried, which we can make contact?

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Re: Broadband Fault No Support From Plusnet

@swwchris   Welcome to the forum.

I'm surprised that you got through on Chat unless it was the new customer enquiry Chat line? I thought that the customer services Chat line was currently unmanned.

The only other options are to see if a Plusnet staffer picks up this post, but be aware that they are currently pretty thin on the ground. Alternatively, and it might be a long shot, you could describe the problem and all the testing that you have done in detail on this forum and see if a fellow customer can offer any advice.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband Fault No Support From Plusnet

Hello @swwchris,


I am sincerely sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced in getting through to us and for any undue stress it has caused.


We would like to look into this for you, please can you PM me their account username or landline number.


Once I have this, I will be able to investigate this further for you.

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