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Braodband speed worse than ever

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Registered: ‎14-09-2016

Braodband speed worse than ever

I last year had a very lengthy episode with plusnet to get a stable inetrnet connectionAll has been well until the end of august, when as of this evening the service is constantly buffering on netflix, and on iplayer.

when i have investigated i have found Bt has changed the circuit nmber for my line ? would this have made the situation worse. i now have very long ping times, and a very slow service, I cold only get 5mb before, , but it was stable. Anyone at plusnet any ideas? after all i have waited over 60 minutes on the support line.

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Registered: ‎14-09-2016

Re: Braodband speed worse than ever

Can't help with your problem but experiencing the same problems, slow speeds, drop outs and really high ping, online gaming is a joke.
Plusnet so far have said they have found 3 different problems and each time they have fixed it and said it would resolve our problems, it hasn't!
Also contacting them in normal working life mode has become near impossible, i went for live chat last night and started 78 in the queue got down to 42 ish then it threw me out, complete waste of time, phones are a min of a 30 min wait, all very frustrating, been with plusnet 3 years but speeds and customer service have both declined...rant over..