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Blue light on router but no connection

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Registered: ‎02-04-2020

Blue light on router but no connection



My internet has been completely down for 3 days now. For a few weeks, the connection has been incredibly slow (<1MBps) which I attributed to the increased usage, with everyone around the country at home all the time, but it’s now totally down


The blue light is still on the router and I can still connect with 2-3 bars of signal but trying to load a webpage, for instance, just loads a failure to connect page. Everything else that requires a connection is unable to connect. This is the case on all devices.


I have tried troubleshooting methods -- checked the phone dial tone, turned the router off and on, ensured wires are secure, and even bought a new ADSL filter (and ensured that it worked on nextdoor’s internet). 


Unfortunately, I’m unable to do my work as it almost entirely relies on access to the internet. As a result, while I still have plenty of work to do, I will be put on furlough if this isn’t resolved soon. Additionally, I have a newborn baby who hasn’t been allowed to meet her grandparents and not being able to access the internet means we can’t video call (or watch TV in the dead of night when she’s crying). It’s really making a stressful situation much harder. I understand that you’re under a lot of strain but I really need a solution.


Furthermore, the status when I logon to the router is connected.