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BTW Diagnostics finally working

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BTW Diagnostics finally working

Experienced a household power outage a couple of days ago - this (obviously) caused both the BT modem and Plusnet router to power cycle.
Since then a few things have happened:
(1) BT Wholesale Performance Test Diagnostics are finally working - from day 1 this never worked (in essence I would always get an error message). When I raised as an issue with Plusnet they said there was nothing they could do to get BT to address the issue.
(2) Download throughput is far more consistent and close to the IP profile figure for my line Smiley
(3) Interestingly, when running Speedtest I'm hitting maximum speed at first attempt, rather than second or third attempt. Previously it was if the network was having to learn the route or otherwise, re-route to find a "better" path.
Incidentally, I hadn't changed anything on my local network - I keep it under "change control"
So I'm left wondering if the power outage inadvertently caused a re-sync at the Exchange or else this has coincided with changes at Plusnet.
Regardless, I'm much happier with service now and hopefully this may help others who are in a similar situation.
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Re: BTW Diagnostics finally working

Hi Tabbycat,
Seems strange that this affected the BTW performance test, certainly glad to see that everything is performing well for you. Would be nice to know what caused that though.
You've certainly had a re-sync and at slightly higher speeds than previous.