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BT OR booked - No show ticket raised 2nd Jan - re Question #79297668

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BT OR booked - No show ticket raised 2nd Jan - re Question #79297668

i have an support case active at the moment, any help by digital care to intervene would be appreciated!
im on fibre and about 100m from the cabinet....the BT pole feeding our house is 10-15 meters from my front door, rest is underground to the fibre cab, and about 1 mile to the exchange..
2nd Jan contact support for originally a voice fault  and broadband fault - lots of noise on the line,( hissing and squeaking)  plus broadband issues = speed slowdown  issues and disconnects,
Fault Type: NDT
Test Results: Fault - Unbalanced Cable
Fault Ref: TR0000003207238
Estimated Resolution Time: 07/01/14 23:59:59 -
plusnet support kindly arranged for an openreach engineer  to resolve the voice line, and found a fault while testing...

7th Jan late in the day Openreach engineer rang me to say fixed - line clear as day - wonder if he just rang me from the cabinet?
9th Jan 2014...  I advised Plusnet support still noise on the line ( albeit less, hissing )
11th Jan advise plusnet support  now whenever we ring out or get an incoming call the broadband disconnects, i get 100% packet loss, as soon as i put the phone down modem reconnects
12 Jan 2014 Support identify a fault on broadband KBD Outcome...Problem Explanation: [GEA503] An issue has been identified. Appointment Not required.
Resolution/Recommendation: Report fault to BTW for OR investigation
13 Jan 2014 has now been returned to the BOT - FTTC Logged Faults - Interm pool
Thursday 16 Jan 2014
Rejected clear on fault for sfi but still not offered so echatted.
Echat ref: 218609619.
''I have send you a soft clear to you.''
''it will take 15-20 minutes to reflect.''
Still not clear so retaining as personal to pick up in the morning

Friday 17 Jan 2014  Support offer 3 time slots for SFI visit, i was away so booked the visit on the 19th  and for BT  SFI to visit today 24/01/14
btw performance test results as at sunday 19/01/14 22:30
Best Effort Test:
Download speed achieved during the test was - 48.21 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 60 Mbps-77.42 Mbps .
Additional Information: IP Profile for your line is - 77.42 Mbps

24/01 = engineer due between 1 - 6 pm ... stayed at home , postman came and went, milkman , but a no show from BT SFI

last time i saw an engineer poss 2 yrs ago, who said  he fixed a HR fault by remaking a joint, and up to this current support ticket  had excellent broadband at full speed and also a crystal clear voice line., and great service from plusnet
i think 22 days from fault logging to resolution now is  bit unreasonable , especially with now a NO SHOW from the OR engineer...
is there a way to get this escalated somehow with BT so it gets resolved properly , as i see this bouncing around between a voice fault and a  broadband fault... i have my sympathies with plusnet,
i would even gladly go to FTTP if it was available here....i do wonder how many times BT pair swap on these lines, as strangely my neighbour has similar issues... when mine is great his line is crap.. and we are both in a major city...and only 1 mile from the local exchange..

any help appreciated !
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Re: BT OR booked - No show ticket raised 2nd Jan - re Question #79297668

Hi there,
I've updated the ticket on your account. Really sorry about the delay, unfortunately there was a problem with our supplier's systems which they're now chasing. We'll push things forward for you once we get an update on that.
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Re: BT OR booked - No show ticket raised 2nd Jan - re Question #79297668

FYI: You are entitled to £45 Missed Appointment Payment:
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