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BT Modem and Packet Filtering

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BT Modem and Packet Filtering

We moved to PlusNet last week, and the connection is as fast as we were expecting.
However, I can't hit any of the machines inside our LAN from outside. 
We have a Linux server that's primary mail server for our domain.  It cannot be reached via https, smtps, ssh.  Nothing.
It was a BT guy who came in and installed the fibre modem, and that pipes into a PlusNet modem.  I've switched off the firewall on the latter, and forwarded the port to the appropriate IP.  No luck.
As a subsidary question: why do modems these days have interfaces that look like they were designed by Fisher Price?
And I'm not really happy that I opened a support ticket with PlusNet on Monday, and it's still sitting unanswered.
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Re: BT Modem and Packet Filtering

You may find this thread ( and links from it ) useful.,125055.0.html
I believe the TG582n doesn't like forwarding to a machine configured with a static IP, rather you 'fix' the IP that the Tg582n allocates to the machine via DHCP.