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BT Master Socket

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BT Master Socket

Our area has just gone live with Plusnet Fibre Optic, but have hit a problem with our BT master socket. At present its downstairs with a standard phone extension cable connecting it to the plusnet adsl router behind the tv, the cable is run under the carpet along the edge of the room and all works fine, the PC is upstairs and connected by a network cable from the router. I want the master socket moved to upstairs, this is were the problem starts, as our phone is with Plusnet, BT wont move it, and Plusnet cant move it, all they offer is a data extension cable from the present master socket to the new fibre optic modem and router, its not easy to get his cable upstairs inside the house,plus my partner is not keen at all on cables clipped to skirting s and run up walls. Easiest way is to run it around outside of house,there used to be a original BT phone extension cable running from the small round BT connection box to upstairs, but its no longer in use. I take it the data cable is for inside use only, plus if its as i suspect a white coloured wire it wont look good clipped to red brickwork. I'm a little stumped now as if plusnet cant move a Master socket, and BT wont and tell me i can't do it myself as its there property i cant see any other options... Any help appreciated
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Re: BT Master Socket

You can get black/grey CAT5e cable if that helps ?
I've put a CAT5e socket next to my master socket and run my cable to another location in the house where it has a second CAT5e socket.
I use a patch cable between the master socket (the VDSL2 plate has a standard RJ45 socket) and the CAT5 socket next to it then the modem just plugs into the RJ45 CAT5 cabled socket at the other end.