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BT Master Socket what does OR supply?

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BT Master Socket what does OR supply?

When OR come and do work on a home installation and find an old first connection box that does not have a removable cover to reveal a test socket do they change it for one that has?
Also do they fit the extra bit with a built in broadband filter?
A friend is hoping to get a master socket during a repair and I'm wondering if he will need to go and buy  the filter bit and fit himself.
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Re: BT Master Socket what does OR supply?

It depends on what person you get. If they can get it working somehow by re-doing all the connections in the box on the outside wall for the umpteenth time, or by disconnecting some wiring there, they might not bother to install a modern NTE5 master socket, and possibly charge you by blaming it on your wiring. Well, that's the kind of thing we got the last few times Openreach came round to fix our telephone service. It may also depend on whether they are there to fix the phone or the broadband. So you might get a only new NTE5 for free, or new NTE5 and SSFP for free, or you might get nothing and get charged for that.