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BNG's verses older gateways, why is older better

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BNG's verses older gateways, why is older better

Since they were added, the BNG's have always been an issue if I get stuck on one, slow website loading / poor gaming experience / streams stalling-caching.  Add to that, the difference on the TBB graph results makes me wonder what is wrong with this new ish tech you bought into, that just doesn't work as well as the existing gateways.
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Re: BNG's verses older gateways, why is older better

Well we keep been told by ignition that the new gateways are better more powerful kit, but yeah I agree with you they defenitly lack in performance everytime I connect to one, so something isnt right on them.
Whether its down to them been contended higher, or not performing to spec I dont know, it is also possible the BTw routing to the BNG's has an issue which plusnet have indicated in their most recent post in the capacity thread.