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BB dropping out... Phone line busy...

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BB dropping out... Phone line busy...

So our BB has been dropping a lot recently.
I get an orange flashing light with the orange B

Any idea what’s causing this... nothing has changed hardware wise

Also I went to make a call on the landline and it said the line was busy, when I joined the call it’s just silent and I can’t disconnect the call?

Are these linked?
Please help
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Re: BB dropping out... Phone line busy...

More than likely the phone issue is the cause of the broadband problem yes. A loop issue sounds most likely here. First move would be to check the phone tester-but it looks like the site is down at the minute.

So in that case I'd start with the internal checks-disconnect everything and remove the front plate of your BT socket-dont do this if you have one of the old plain white sockets without a split across the middle-then plug the phone on its own into the test socket behind. Does that work? If yes, something inside is causing the fault, and you'll want to build back up piece by piece until you lose the phone line again to find the offending item.

If it doesn't work on its own, try a different phone if you can. If that then works-the phone handset is the problem. If not, you have a line fault which you'll need to report either by calling technical, or through the website when it's back up.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: BB dropping out... Phone line busy...


HI @lewis825


Thanks for getting in touch.


I can really only echo the excellent and comprehensive advice from @Kdog here because this is indeed a loop fault - if the checks he's recommended don't resolve the issue, raise a phone fault via the website, or contact us here so that we can pick this up on a manual ticket for you.


Great shout @Kdog!


Best wishes