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Automatic Hardware Setup

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Automatic Hardware Setup

Does this run more than once?
Reason I ask is I normally use OpenDNS to maintain my own granular whitelist/blacklist setup. I had entered the DNS settings via Putty, and tonight I got a pop-up from the OpenDNS updater saying I was no longer using their nameservers.
I've re-added the DNS settings and disabled AHS.
This is not a huge issue incidentally, I'm just naturally nosey. I assumed that once the router was set up that would be that, as it were. Or perhaps my speed profile being altered today triggered it?
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Re: Automatic Hardware Setup

Can't really say, I dislike Auto-setup as I prefer to be in control.
I'd certainly expect auto-setup to kick in in the event of, say, a router reset but unsure otherwise.
You can (try to) switch it off here:
I say 'try to' because I can't switch mine off despite (or possibly because) I don't use a Plusnet router.
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