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Asus Rt n56u

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Registered: ‎14-01-2013

Asus Rt n56u

Hi all, im due to get this router Fri., currently using PN supplied router, but find range on wi-fi is not great, although router is ok, anyway i need to know as i have fibre connection is it best to power down router using router web page, and then switching off, do i then need to turn of BT modem, and if so for how long, or is it as easu as just turning router (PN) off, and swapping over leaving modem turned on, thanks Wink
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Re: Asus Rt n56u

I bought a RT-N66U, just clicked disconnect on the Plusnet modem and left BT modem intact, configured all the settings on the Asus before swapping it out to avoid having to reboot etc. Worked fine.