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Asus RT-N66u setup

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Asus RT-N66u setup

Hi have just bought the Asus RT-N66U router to replace the standard plusnet router as wifi is poor on this. I have unlimited fibre and have a couple of questions regarding setting up this router
1. I take it during the setup I will be asked for a user name and password. Is this were username is the one i use to log onto account
password = to password i use to log onto my account or password on the bottom of plusnet router
2. Do i have to unplug and reboot the openreach modem or can I just unplug the WAN connection and plug into new router.
3. Is there anything else I will need to know not mentioned above.
Many thanks in advance
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Re: Asus RT-N66u setup

It's the account password - and not the PN router password.
You should not need to do anything else like reboot the OpenReach modem, the Asus router will automatically pick up the settings and connection details. You just have to enter your username/password.