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Asus N55 Slow Wireless with Ipads

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Asus N55 Slow Wireless with Ipads

I have an Asus N55U router on a 8192 Mbps internet connection. With my laptop I can get a download speed of around 6.4Mbps, which is about the same as I get from a wired connection. With either of my Ipads in the same postion I get around 1.4Mbps both in 2.4 and 5 MHz bands. I have found that I get the same performance also when using a TPLink powerline device with a transmitter. I have tried switching of QoS in the router as suggested in Apple forums with no effect. Has any-one out there seen this problem and have a solution?
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Plusnet Staff
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Re: Asus N55 Slow Wireless with Ipads

Have you tried changing the Wireless Channel?
Chris Pettitt
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