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Asus DSL-N66U Users

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Asus DSL-N66U Users

I've recently (a few months ago) got an Asus DSL-N66U to replace my ageing Netgear DG834G.
I've had numerous issues but am not sure whether this is with the router or my line.
I've had 2 engineer visits, both of which have said there is no issue with the line itself and all seems ok.
I've kept my backup router (Netgear DG834G) going for a week and monitoring it, have now switched back to the DSL-N66U to see how it goes.
However - with the netgear I got a fair bit of Interleaved FEC errors on downstream and a few Interleaved CRC errors on upstream.
With the Asus, it doesn't make the distinction between CRC/FEC/HEC (or I haven't found a way to find this out) - however the router sometimes starts ramping up CRC errors, at most being 500 every 10 seconds - sometimes when my SNR is low (< 1.5db).
What I'm wondering is - has anyone else seen this behaviour with their router?
Also, is it possible that the router itself is misreporting or generating the CRC errors itself - e.g. Can the router 'partly work' - enough to connect at a good sync speed etc, yet for no reason I can find (and at random intervals) it will start ramping up CRC downstream + upstream errors.
Previously, the DSL-N66U would be fine, for maybe a day or so, maybe longer - but for no identifiable reason, the CRC count both upstream and downstream will rocket out of control, causing the router to disconnect. Sometimes it would reconnect and all would be well, other times it would repeat over and over - forcing me to power it down.
On one occasion, even powering it down for an hour - didn't solve it. The router booted back up and started clocking up more CRC errors.
I put the DSL-N66U back in last night and upgraded it's firmware to see if this has any impact. I'm reluctant to send the router back as I like it, it's a nice router and it supports fiber (as I may be moving over the next few years and want the ability to have fiber if available without buying a new router).
If I do have to take it back - I'll post another question asking for recommendations on a new router, one that supports ADSL2/ADSL2+ and fiber.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome Smiley
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Re: Asus DSL-N66U Users

I have the same model myself. I'm on fibre and do encounter the same issue but the errors aren't as high as you are getting. Did you upgrade the firmware to the latest firmware?