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Asked to switched my package twice, both times have failed...

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Asked to switched my package twice, both times have failed...

This is quite unbelievable. I just have no clue why or how our request to switch packages has been fucked up twice in a row...
October 20th:
I asked to be switched over from BUSINESS OPT 2 to RESIDENTIAL PREM.
They said, "We have now processed this requests for you. This will complete in the early hours of the 20th Novemeber which is your next billing date."
November 20th:
Nothing has happened.
When I ask them what's going on, they replied "Please accept our apologies that this change was implemented on your billing date, there appears to have been an error in scheduling the change."
They then temporarily switched us to BUSINESS OPT 3, and told us that we shall be siwtched to our desired package on 20th December.
I made sure to download as much as is humanly possible during this month  Wink (To teach 'em a lesson).
December 20th:
Something has happened. Not what we wanted though.
So, we've asked twice now, please switch us to RESIDENTIAL PREM twice now, so what do we getHuh
"PlusNet Broadband Your Way Option 3 with included 30GB bandwidth"
30GB!!! Thanks a bunch!
30GB won't last me half the month...
I've left a question for them in the Help Assistant, asking to be immediately changed to residential premium.
I should also ask for some sort of compensation... like not having to pay last month due to it not being the one i asked for.
If they don't switch me they will expect some pretty colourful language on my behalf... It's ridiculous.
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Re: Asked to switched my package twice, both times have failed...

I'm really sorry about the confusion caused here.
You're now on residential Premium, which is what you requested as far as I can see? The problem arises when switching from Business to Reidential, as the two are entirely different account setups.