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Another speed question

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Another speed question

I am currently on a fixed 512Kbs service, and considering whether to go for an upgrade to MaxDSL. It would be nice to get some idea whether it will actually make any difference as I am some distance from the exchange. I checked at
and it says "According to BT Wholesale, your line should be able to support a 1.5Mbps or greater ADSL connection via ADSL Max.

Standard ADSL RAG results:
You cannot receive 2Mbps ADSL
You may be able to receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You can receive 256Kbps ADSL"
Which seems slightly contradictory. My router is an Actiontec GT701, which doesn't show loss or SNR figures. Is there another way I can find out what the figures are, or can one of you nice PN staff tell me?
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Re: Another speed question

You will need to ask for a whoosh test - try raising a ticket if no one here replies