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After 4 days without internet what do statistics tell us?

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After 4 days without internet what do statistics tell us?

After 4 days without internet due to a faulty line card at the Sale Exchange I thought I’d like to share detailed statistics for my line for the year to date in the attached pdf document . If anybody with more knowledge of the BT network can read the runes and interpret them, feel free.


How the data was acquired:

I replaced a TP-LINK modem with a TENDA router (yes I'd never heard of it, did a bit of Google-ing, found it was a Chinese company - paranoid so I improved my anti-malware defences - but most importantly it used a Broadcom chip so I could find the CLI/Telnet manual on the web). So I wrote a C# program to extract statistics using a Telnet interface every minute of every day. I also built an Excel macro to summarize the raw data. I then added comments when I built the summary spreadsheet.


I have summary & daily spreadsheets for 2013-2015 if anyone’s interested (It goes without saying that I am fully prepared to share the C# source & Excel macros – just send me a PM)


I would be interested to see any analysis of this data from any anybody who knows more about BT network than me.


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Re: After 4 days without internet what do statistics tell us?

Had a look at your pdf, great stuff.


If you are after further analysis look on the kitz forum and use the 3 standard tools there; HG612 stats, DSLStats and the web service MyDslWebStats. There are experts on that forum who can look at the standardized format of these recording programs to give you any advice.