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Adsl problems and noisy phone line

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Adsl problems and noisy phone line

I have had intermittent ADSL dropouts for a few weeks now, and when it does work, I only get a speed of 2Mb/s !!!
The phone line is also very crackly and noisy at times.
I used the Broadband troubleshooter but it said there wasn't a problem with my line. I've reported the fault, and I've been getting sms and email messages saying that the fault is being investigated but I haven't heard anything since Saturday.  The last message said I would receive a response within 72 hours, which was sent 4 days ago.
What's the best way to get this escalated, and does it usually take this long to get faults investigated? 
I'm a new customer so getting very disappointed with the lack of service.
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Re: Adsl problems and noisy phone line

Hi rw0838,
A warm welcome to the forums.
Unfortunately there are a lot of faults out in the BTOR network which leads to big demands on the CPs / ISPs to handle the consequential demand for service.  Add to that the extra work load of missed (failed)!appointments and no or part fixes when BTOR does attend and you get what we've got now - end service providers in melt down.  PlusNet seem incapable of handling the consequential volume of demand for fault fixing.  I suspect that they are under the cosh from their supplier / parent to aggressively avoid 'unnecessary' requests for BTOR engineer visits, which means they have an increased faults filtering work load.  It is evident that they do not have enough staff to deal with that compounded task in a timely manner.
Have you reported this as a PHONE fault?  If PlusNet is not your phone provider, then they are unlikely to be able to resolve this issue for you (more BTOR rules) as an ISP cannot raise a noisy phone line fault report on BTOR.
Posting the support ticket number here (see the link below) will help the PlusNet staff here find your account more quickly.