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Additional Charge even after Contract Ends/ Cancellation Issue

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Additional Charge even after Contract Ends/ Cancellation Issue

I have raised this because this matter was not solved with the instant chat.

My plus net broadband contract ends on 20/9/2019. But I am moving out on 28th August, so I informed the staff that I am leaving and want to close the account. 

First, I started talking on 23rd July, and the staff asked me to come back for less than 14 days. (got a chat history for this conversation)

So, I chatted again less than 14 days before 28th Agust. The staff said that that is ok and even though I stopped the service now I still need to pay until the contract ends, which is one last bill or £6. Fair enough, I replied I would pay. I asked for the confirmation email but never received. (Did not keep the chat history as I thought my account is going to close when the contract ends)

Here where this issue starts. I got charged £34.64 yesterday and pretty surprised with that. It should be the last bill for September/£6. So I chatted with the staff, and she explained that they did not receive that I am closing. So I was charged for 21/9/2019 and onward with no discounted price even my contract ends on 20/9/2019.

I am 100% sure that I informed them I am leaving and closing. I even talked this matter in July like two months in advance, but I was charged £34.64 for the service I did not use.

I should have double-checked with them before the contract ends. My laziness cost me.


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Additional Charge even after Contract Ends/ Cancellation Issue

Thanks for your post @aungphyo.


We're sorry to hear that you weren't advised correctly.


Around 20 days after cancellation, a final bill will be generated with any refunds/charges due, the former of which being refunded automatically.


I hope this helps.