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Actual line speeds

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Actual line speeds

I started services on 30 December and logged a fault yesterday that I'm not getting the minimum guaranteed speeds, currently getting 39Mb v 41.6Mb guaranteed. An engineer has been booked for tomorrow to investigate.

It has never got above this speed since switching to Plusnet. My previous provider delivered 60Mb.

Imagine my surprise to receive what I assume is an automatically generated email today stating that given I've been up and running for 14 days Plusnet are pleased to advise that my current line speed is 78Mb! 

Why is there this massive difference in views of what the line speed is? I assume the higher measure is from the exchange and that Plusnet is unable to measure the speed at a customer's router?




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Re: Actual line speeds

Hi @stixman1 

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Your description sound like a FTTC service not full fibre - I have asked the mods to move your issue to the correct board.

The MGS is sync speed and if the reported 39mbps is data speed, then that would be about right.  How fast the raw bits are transmitted and how fast usable data is transmitted are not the same metric.

If an engineer has been booked, then a fault must have been detected on your line.  Wait until after the engineer visit then see what happens.

78mbps is the product speed and until the new service stabilises, it might be wrong.  Look in the members centre (front page) for Plusnet's record of the current line speed.  Note FTTC speed is not measured at the exchange, it is measured at your local green cabinet and it reports the speed over the copper serving only your property.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Actual line speeds

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