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Activation Date and router

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Registered: ‎10-12-2008

Activation Date and router

A couple of questions from a newbie to PlusNet.
1. PlusNet's order tracker says:
Your activation date
An engineer will activate your broadband on:
16th Dec 2008 - After 12pm

I am confused as this is ambiguous. Does this mean midnight on 15/16 Dec or noon 16 Dec or midnight 16/17 Dec?
2. Also the tracker says:
Hardware delivery The order has not yet been placed
Since this appears after the activation date entry, it looks as if the router will only be ordered after 16th December. Is this correct? When should I expect the router to be sent out?
Many thanks
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Re: Activation Date and router

I would say during the afternoon of 16th
The router should be dispatched in time to arrive before 16th