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ADSL2 upgrade in my area?

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ADSL2 upgrade in my area?

I'm on the shurdington exchange, there's fibre not too far from here but there's no dates for my exchange yet.
Currently on ADSL which is around 6mbit and the upload speed is terrible. At my previous house I was with PN 80/20.
Really considering cancelling mid-term to go with one of the LLU providers in hope of a marginally better broadband speed or switch to Virgin (cable) as even watching Netflix totally saturates my connection making gaming impossible.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: ADSL2 upgrade in my area?

Assuming you are on 20CN there is a chargeable option to increase the upload speeds should this be of interest (subject to your line coping with it)
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 Tony T
 Plusnet Help Team