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ADSL upload speed

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ADSL upload speed

Hi my upload speed seems to be really really slow i don't know if it's being capped or not but i did a speed test and it seems terrible
just gaming on this kind of speed gives me problems everything i have hooked up to the internet is via ethnet so do i have a problem
on my line or is it that my upload speed is being capped because i looked around and my upload speed should be atleast double of this
uploading to youtube is another problem 30mins for a hd file at 250mb Cry
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Re: ADSL upload speed

Why do you think your upload speed is low ? If you're on a standard  ADSL connection ( as opposed to Fibre ) then the maximum uncapped upstream sync is about 1.2Mb/s. Your throughput of 1.02Mb/s would mean you must be synching pretty close to the maximum.