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ADSL to Fibre Upgrade Slow Download Speed

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Registered: ‎12-09-2014

ADSL to Fibre Upgrade Slow Download Speed

Had an upgrade yesterday to 40mb fibre from our existing ADSL connection.
Router was late arriving so BT engineer did no more than plug the openreach modem in and said everything looked good.
Plugged the router in today and waited a couple of hours but getting poor download speeds.Rebooted etc.
PING 15-27ms
Download 0.14-0.18Mb
Upload 4-5Mb
Seems like a port configuration issue. The order was messed up and which was why the router arrived late. Suspect something hasnt been updated at the Plusnet end to enable fibre.
Can someone help?
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Re: ADSL to Fibre Upgrade Slow Download Speed

Hi rossunderwood,
I have now updated this for you, it seems that the speed profile was still waiting to be updated by the exchange equipment. I've now done this for you manually so you should see the speed increase in a matter of minutes.