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ADSL failing for days then returning

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ADSL failing for days then returning

Advice please.

On four occasions in 2019 the domestic ADSL has failed but returned some days later.

No roadworks, no power cuts, no billing concerns, no interruption of the telephone service, no ADSL detected on the line.

Twice the ADSL dropped whilst the property was unoccupied and returned likewise. Although unoccupied the property supplies webcam and audio feeds which, when they stopped, prompted failed attempts to reach the router. But then a few days later the connection comes back.

A fortnight ago the same thing happened during a very heavy downpour. We were in at that time. No ADSL detected on the line (the 'phone was fine). Plusnet's Support default position is that there is no fault and if there is it must be the customer to blame. They could not reach the router but decided to leave it at that.

The 'plate test' failed (also with a friend's router when substituted) but our presence is currently too random for an engineer to schedule for entering the property.

What might cause complete drop of ADSL and a random return several days later?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: ADSL failing for days then returning

Hi @waterside 


Welcome to the forums. 


There are many reasons for ADSL connectivity issues, and it is notoriously difficult to diagnose historical problems. 


I've taken a look into your account and can see that, at the moment in time, the service is not connection to the network due to an authentication credentials mismatch within the router itself - luckily this is easy to fix. 


Please make sure your router is connected correctly into your BT socket and that the broadband light is Stable.


If you have 2 sockets on the main faceplate you will not need to use a Microfilter and the router will connect to the top socket directly. If this is not the case you will need to use a Microfilter (included with the router) on each socket.


Once connected in this way, please follow the steps below:


1) Open up a webpage and in the address bar type or alternatively, you can click here.


2) When you connect, you will see an option listed as 'Broadband Username' followed by an option to the right labeled 'Change' which you will need to click on.


3) You will now be prompted for a 'Router Password' which is listed both on the back of the router and on the card that came with the router.


4) You will now be asked to input your username and password from ourselves, if it does not allow you to change your username and password, please press 'Disconnect' first. Your username is followed by and your account password is the same as what you would use to log into the members centre. Input both of these and press 'Connect' and you should be online. 


Once this happens, we can run further tests and see if anything is picked up. 


Let us know once you are able to establish a connection.


Kind Regards, 


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Re: ADSL failing for days then returning

If the credentials are not correct ... how were they changed? Router credentials do not become invalid on their own.

Is this a PlusNET router? If yes which one?

Is this router the one which was supplied by PlusNET for this account?

It might be worth posting it’s serial number here so that someone can check that it’s correctly registered to your account.

When you check the settings can you advise if it does not already have YOUR account name in.

Have you changed your account password recently? Does you account password contain special characters?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.