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ADSL constant disconnection and poor speed

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Registered: ‎16-01-2021

ADSL constant disconnection and poor speed

Hello Everyone,

We have been struggling with multiple issues with our ADSL connection for a few weeks now. It started with a recurring fault on the phone line causing noise, random ringing and no dial tone. Openreach finally came on Monday and the engineer fitted a new main socket and removed a cut cable end from from the junction box serving our house and our neighbour's and claimed all faults cleared from his tests. The line settled down and dial tone back. ADSL remains very 'temperamental' and is largely unusable with constant disconnections, poor speed, time-outs etc etc. Home schooling and work are both on hold 🙂

The modem/router (we use a TP Link Archer VR600) is showing normal connection to the internet even when other connected devices report 'no internet'. I have replaced microfilters, all cables etc still the same symptoms. With the router connected to the BT test socket (face plate removed) I have conducted multiple speed tests at randomw times directly from the router using an Ethernet connection and am getting very variable results:

Pings from the 20s to the 1000s

Downloads from 3 to 8 mbps

Uploads from 0 to 0.44

I opened a ticket yesterday and had an acknowledgement, performed the requested tests but have had no update since.

Any suggestions/help/support very much appreciated!