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ADSL Speed issues + Excessive disconnections

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ADSL Speed issues + Excessive disconnections

Hi everyone!


I've recently moved to a new place where the cabling seems a bit weird. I have three phone sockets in my flat but only one of them works (the other + the master socket don't, even the test socket doesn't give me broadband in the master socket). It seems like previous providers might have screwed some things.

While that seems like it could be the cause of my many issues (had plusnet for about 12 days now), I just wanted to say my level of service got terribly bad after each day passed. I originally thought this was the 10-day trial of the line period, but this seems bigger than that. I'm getting trouble loading simple pages like google at times, and I keep having disconnections, I lag in games, I can't watch 720p videos, even 360p ones sometimes..  I'm in an area where I should be having between 10-19Mbps.

The weird thing is, the first day the connection was setup, it worked perfectly with a constant speed of about 11Mbps. Each day since then, I've had many more speed issues + disconnections than the previous one. 


Here's the router helpdesk page:

Your Plusnet adviser may ask you for the following information:
1 - Product name: Plusnet Router
2 - Serial number:  
3 - Firmware version: 7.275.2_F2704N_Plusnet
4 - Board version: F@ST2704N
5 - Mode ADSL
6 - Uptime: 0 days 00:08:23
7 - Data rate: 440/15992
8 - Maximum data rate: 888/17820
9 - Noise margin: 14.7/6.9
10 - Line attenuation: 5.7/12.0
12 - Data sent/received: 1.2M/4.6M
20 - Broadband username:  
21 - Wi-Fi network/SSID: PLUSNET-NCHRQR
22 - Wi-Fi connections: Enable(802.11 b/g/n(up to 144 Mb/s))20 MHz WPS enabled
23 - Wi-Fi security: WPA2
24 - Wi-Fi channel: Automatic (Smart Wireless)
25 - Firewall: Default
26 - MAC Address:  
27 - Software variant Version 1.0
28 - Boot loader: 7.275.2


Should I report a fault?


Thanks for helping!


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Re: ADSL Speed issues + Excessive disconnections

Should I report a fault?




Your line is dropping out a lot, probably due to the poor internal wiring.

If the connection isn't working at all in the test socket, that's concerning and is what should get sorted.

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