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ADSL Connection and Profiles

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ADSL Connection and Profiles



I am looking at moving our office ADSL away from another provider to PN because the line and ADSL are with different companies.

My issue is that DSL checker only reports that we should be obtaining up to 1mb.

We actually sync between 7.5 and 8mb which, after measuring the line length is about the correct estimated sync speed for this line.

If I move over to PN, will the profile be set at 1mb or will it be left to DLM and training to set it?

The only reason my boss won't move from the current supplier is because of this issue and he needs some reassurance that we won't be locked down to 1mb. The current supplier is NOT LLU, we are on a wholesale line.



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Re: ADSL Connection and Profiles

Ignore the checker, that does not affect your sync speed or profile. You should get the same speed as you do now.

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Re: ADSL Connection and Profiles


Depends how much flack you'll get if it goes wrong. Smiley


Give the Business Forum a look to see what business users say about service