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A month wait and no phone or broadband

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A month wait and no phone or broadband

Was with sky. Moved to Vodafone who cancelled our sky service but then realised that they couldn't serve our address so cancelled our order. They said that they would stop the cancellation of our sky service but did not.

We signed up for plus net as a new user with an existing phone number on 10th sept and payment taken immediately . When our sky service finished the order with Plusnet couldn't proceed as we no longer had an active number, however noone at plusnet notified us of this.

When I chased it up with plusnet on the 26th September the operator realised the error and actioned the order. They told us that the earliest they could fill the order was 10 working days and no sooner despite failing to correct our order or contact us. We were told that our phone and broadband would go live on the 4/10/18.

A few days later we received confirmation that our phone would go live on the 5th and our broadband on the 6th.

As we hadn't heard from plusnet about our router we contacted them on the 4th only to be told that it hadn't been ordered yet and that they would dispatch it 1st class immediately (arriving friday or saturday). The operator Connor wanted to check regarding the go live with another department and promised to call back within 1hour...waited almost 3 hours with no call back.. So we phoned again to be told that team had finished for the day but if we didn't receive the router in time for the go-live (the 6th) then we would be compensated.

We did not receive the router on the 6th. When we contacted plusnet about this again, they told us that our broadband and phone were not scheduled to go live until early November. Again the team we needed to speak to had finished for the day and we would need to call back again monday. Really frustrating and different story every time we phone up plus we have had to spend money on extra data and as we have no phone have had to call from mobiles every time with 30-40 minutr wait each time. Online chat never availble!! Can anyone can give a straight answer and help actually sort this out?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: A month wait and no phone or broadband

Hi @Holliday961,


I'm really sorry to hear about your experience as a whole and it isn't the service we pride ourselves on or aim to provide.


I have created a ticket for you here


Due to the issues you have encountered and experience I have taken personal ownership of your issue and will chase this up for you.


Please respond directly to the ticket I have created should you have any further queries.


Thank you and again please accept my sincerest apologies.