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7800N Router and 400 error

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7800N Router and 400 error

When moving around the config pages of my Billion 7800N I have been getting salmon pink error pages with a 400 Bad Request error message.
A quick browse on the Billion forums revealed this to be a problem others are having when browsing the router with FireFox v15.0.
I am using Waterfox v15.0, the dedicated 64 bit version of FireFox.
I fired up Internet Explorer and browsed the router with no errors at all.
So if anyone has this problem the solution sadly is IE until FireFox is fixed.

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Re: 7800N Router and 400 error

Strat, it's not specific to the Billion and I'm sure I've had it with IE(8.), nor does it occur every time on FF for me and I've had it with previous versions of FF.