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3rd Party Router

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3rd Party Router

How does one go about 3rd party routers? how do they work? do i just buy one and plug it in? can some please explain to me because i know all one provided by internet suppliers are very basic, in other words [-Censored-], so im wanting to get a 100x better 3rd party one but i dont know how to go about doing so, thanks!

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Re: 3rd Party Router

Welcome to the forum. If you buy your own router you do have to set it up. The procedure varies between different manufacturers. You have posted this on the broadband board, not fibre. Regardless I suggest that you buy an ADSL/VDSL version that will work on both. The data you need to set one will be found here

Your budget will determine how good a router  you buy but unless you want to get into the geeky options you should look at getting a BT Smarthub 6 from EBay. These go for about £30 new and perform as well as much more expensive devices. You will find the simple setting up instructions on this forum.

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